French Guiana rejects France’s €1 billion offer, demands ‘special status’

A protest group that has led two weeks of general strikes in French Guiana has dismissed France’s offer of €1 billion to tackle persistent social problems as “unsatisfactory” and is instead demanding a “new status” for the overseas territory. Interior Minister Matthias Fekl and France’s minister of overseas departments, Ericka Bareigts, announced a renewed commitment […]

Venezuela pulls CNN from air for ‘distorting truth’

President Nicolas Maduro’s government ordered the suspension of CNN’s Spanish-language service from Venezuela’s airwaves on Wednesday, accusing it of distorting the truth in coverage. U.S.-based ‘CNN en Espanol’ became unavailable on some cable providers minutes after a statement by telecommunications regulator Conatel announcing the suspension. The network had irked the socialist government with various reports, […]


CNN Spanish service moves to YouTube after Venezuela ban

CNN’s Spanish language service has begun broadcasting on YouTube after the Venezuelan government pulled it from the country’s cable channels. CNN said Venezuelans would now be able to access its information without charge on the internet. Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) accused CNN of “defaming and distorting the truth”. The accusation came after CNN broadcast […]