Michel Temer Brazil

Brazil court opens case that could unseat President Temer

Brazil’s electoral court started hearings Tuesday that could topple scandal-tainted President Michel Temer, plunging Latin America’s biggest country into its second leadership crisis in a year. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) opened the first of four scheduled sessions to decide whether the 2014 re-election of president Dilma Rousseff and her then-vice president Temer should be […]

Michel Temer Brazil Brésil

Could Brazil’s protests topple Temer?

Troops were deployed to protect Brazilian government buildings in the capital Brasilia on Wednesday after protesters demanding the removal of President Michel Temer fought  riot police. RFI takes a look at the political situation of the country. What are the reasons for the protests? The protesters want President Michel Temer, who was placed under investigation […]

Michel Temer Brazil

Brazil protesters call for Temer’s resignation amid corruption probe

Demonstrators gathered across Brazil on Sunday to call for the resignation or ouster of President Michel Temer who is implicated in a widening corruption scandal that is undermining his government’s fragile efforts to end a historic recession. Scattered demonstrations took place in cities including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where hundreds of demonstrators marched […]

Brazil’s President Temer refuses to resign despite bribery claims

Brazil’s President Michel Temer on Thursday defiantly said he would not resign from office despite a Supreme Court decision authorizing an investigation into allegations he condoned bribery of a potential witness in a major corruption probe. In a terse five-minute speech broadcast nationwide, Temer said he had done nothing wrong, that his presidency was helping […]

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Venezuela’s Maduro calls for new constitution written by ‘people’s’ body

Venezuela’s beleaguered President Nicolas Maduro on Monday called for a new constitution, to be written by a “people’s” body circumventing the opposition-held Congress. The decree was to “block the fascist coup” threatening the country, he told thousands of supporters in Caracas at a May Day rally. The new constitution-writing entity would be “a citizen’s constituent […]