Do passports restrict economic growth?

By Tim Harford “What would we English say if we could not go from London to the Crystal Palace or from Manchester to Stockport without a passport or police officer at our heels? Depend upon it, we are not half enough grateful to God for our national privileges.” So wrote an English publisher named John […]

The children of camorra gangsters

Meet the sons of Naples’ murderers, racketeers, extortionists and mob leaders. They too deal, steal and shoot, albeit with no financial necessity. The money they earn buys them the luxury items they need to maintain their image. Most have never been to school and cannot read or write, let alone speak Italian. They speak in […]

Swiss Mountain Switzerland

Keeping data safe in a mountain

If every byte of information on the internet needs a physical location where it’s stored, one of the safest places to keep this data might be inside a Swiss mountain. (Carlo Pisani, Around 80 kilometres from Zurich it is one of the largest Swiss military bunkers ever built. In 2011 the bunker was converted […]