Qatar alleges Gulf rivals broke international law by hacking its websites

Alleged hack reported by Washington Post precipitated diplomatic and economic blockade, but UAE minister denies claims Qatar has accused its Gulf neighbours of breaking international law by hacking government websites and planting false information that helped cause a continuing diplomatic rift in the region. According to the Washington Post, US officials discovered last week that ministers […]

Rex Tillerson applauds Qatar plan but Gulf rivals refuse to lift sanctions

US secretary of state praises agreement on tracking terrorist financing, putting pressure on Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states isolating Qatar Rex Tillerson, the US secretary of state, has lavished praise on the isolated Gulf state of Qatar after it became the first regional power to sign a new memorandum of understanding with Washington on tracking the […]

EU and Japan reach free trade deal

The European Union and Japan have formally agreed an outline free-trade deal. The agreement paves the way for trading in goods without tariff barriers between two of the world’s biggest economic areas. However, few specific details are known and a full, workable agreement may take some time. Two of the most important sectors are Japanese […]