Donald Trump

‘Lost in Trumpslation’: The trouble of translating ‘Trump speak’ into French

As Trump’s inauguration speech goes out across the world on Friday, many people aren’t happy. Among them are French translators struggling to keep up with the new presidents “unique” vocabulary and style. “Trump’s vocabulary is limited, his syntax is broken; he repeats the same phrases over and over, forcing the translator to follow suit” French […]

Meet the men vying to be France’s Les Republicains party’s presidential candidate

With France’s presidential election only five months away, the campaign is in full swing and the conservative Les Republicains party is holding the first round of its primary. Ex-prime ministers Alain Juppe and Francois Fillon, and ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy are all fighting to become the party’s candidate. Nicolas Sarkozy Budget minister, communications minister, finance minister, […]