Emergency Escape Route

The UK Supreme Court is expected to rule shortly, against Theresa May’s authority to use the Royal Prerogative. If they do, then surely the Lisbon Treaty becomes invalid, because Gordon Brown used the same means to sign that Treaty. Clearly the Judiciary can’t have it both ways. But how did we get into this constitutional […]

Why Rex Tillerson is good news for the Gulf

by Dr. Mohamed Ramady, an energy economist and geo political expert on the GCC and former Professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. US President-elect Trump has once again sidestepped the accepted political norm by appointing a non-traditional candidate to head the US State Department, arguably one of the key […]

The Great Escape

While some “Richmond Remainers” have punished Zac Goldsmith, only 49.7% voted Lib Dem in the by election, which is much less than the 69.3% who voted to remain in the EU, in June. Perhaps project fear has been discredited. If that change of heart were to be reflected across the UK, then the number of leaver constituencies could be […]

donald trump utah

An American tragicomedy

Devoted fans of Donald Trump may not be aware of it, but today, American voters have an opportunity to turn their country into a TV sitcom of guaranteed global success. It will be dark comedy, of course. Or perhaps a tragicomedy of alarmingly unpredictable consequences for the entire planet. Existing movie models that come to mind […]

Rousseff Dilma Brazil impeached impeach

Brazil’s Workers’ Party down, but not out, following Rousseff’s ouster

Brazil’s Workers’ Party (PT) is facing its worst-ever crisis in the wake of a long impeachment process that saw Dilma Rousseff removed from the presidential office on Thursday, but the party is unlikely to be going away anytime soon. After 14 years of uninterrupted rule in Latin America’s largest and richest country, the left-wing PT […]