Sauvage, Stoddart and Feringa win chemistry Nobel for molecular machines

Frenchman Jean-Pierre Sauvage, British-born J. Fraser Stoddart and Dutch scientist Bernard Feringa on Wednesday won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for developing molecular machines. The laureates share the 8 million kronor ($930,000) prize for the “design and synthesis” of molecules with controllable movements, which can perform a task when energy is added, the Royal Swedish […]

Thouless, Haldane and Kosterlitz win physics Nobel for strange matter

British-born scientists David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics for studies of unusual states of matter such as in superconductors, the award-giving body said on Tuesday. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said on Tuesday announcing the winners of the 8 million Swedish crown ($937,000) prize, “This year’s […]


Mechanical magic: How mobile robotics will revolutionize lifestyle, productivity in MENA

On the back of advancements in drone and 3D printing technologies, a six-fold growth in shipments of mobile robotics by 2020 will significantly revolutionise lifestyle, productivity, and workplace safety in the Middle East, a new report has revealed. Worldwide shipments of mobile robotics will grow from four million in 2012 to 25.4 million in 2020, […]