Bernie Sanders urges millions to ‘mobilize and fight back’ against Trump’s presidency

Bernie Sanders has urged millions of people to stand together and rally against the policies of President-elect Donald Trump. Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday morning, the former Democratic candidate for the White House said that rallying against Trump was the only way to ensure he would not remove key rights, such as abortion. […]

Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump’s views ‘are a minority’

Bernie Sanders appeared on Monday night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, discussing what lessons the Democratic party should learn from the recent presidential election and encouraging voters to stay involved in the political process. Sanders said that the Democratic party can’t continue to be run by “liberal elites,” adding that the party needs […]

Bernie Sanders

Quand Bernie Sanders soutient son frère Larry qui veut remplacer David Cameron

Dans une vidéo, Bernie Sanders a officiellement apporté son soutien à son frère Larry, citoyen du Royaume-Uni, désigné candidat par le parti écologiste britannique pour récupérer le siège de député que David Cameron a décidé d’abandonner. Bernie Sanders avait défié Hillary Clinton, Larry Sanders, lui, se lance sur les terres de… David Cameron. Le 20 […]