‘Australia first’ foreign visa changes spark cheers, fears

Australia’s controversial decision to scrap a visa programme for temporary foreign workers got a mixed response Wednesday, with critics slamming it as spin over substance and pandering to anti-immigration rhetoric. The “457 visa” allows businesses facing skills shortages to employ labour from overseas, but has been slammed by unions amid claims that bosses were abusing […]

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Australian PM Turnbull says Trump will project ‘enhanced military power’ in Asia Pacific

Prime minister discussed the US president-elect’s plans to expand its navy’s presence in the region Malcolm Turnbull has said the US will project “enhanced military power” after a discussion with Donald Trump about his plans to expand the US navy into the region. The US president-elect and the Australian prime minister spoke on Thursday after […]


Turnbull signals Australia won’t follow Trump’s lead on Paris climate agreement

Prime minister confirms Australia will ratify agreement despite opposition from One Nation and conservative Coalition MPs Malcolm Turnbull has signalled Australia will not seek to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement even if the US president-elect, Donald Trump, follows through on his threat to cancel the emissions reductions commitments made by Barack Obama last December. […]

A year in, we don’t yet know what Turnbull wants to do with the job

A year next Wednesday since the coup that installed Malcolm Turnbull, many Liberals are disappointed and surprised he has turned out, so far, a mediocre prime minister. Others, with their leopard-and-spots analysis, feel vindicated. “The Liberal Party always had to have its Malcolm Turnbull experiment,” says one who voted for the change last September, adding […]