François Fillon

Sarkozy out as Fillon and Juppé advance to second round of French conservative primary

French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy saw his ambition to lead the country for a second time dashed on Sunday, as he suffered a crushing defeat to his former prime minister, François Fillon, in the first round of the French conservative primary. Fillon will now face off against another former prime minister, Alain Juppé, in the November […]

US presidential election – Ohio voters go to polls despite bureaucracy and doubts

US voters chose their president on Tuesday 8 November with limited help from technology. But with the main contenders being Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump – both controversial in their own way – not everybody was happy with the two-party choice before them. In Cleveland, the second largest city of swing state Ohio, […]


Maverick Montebourg declares French presidency bid

Former industry minister Arnaud Montebourg has said he will run in France’s presidential election after “wasted” years under Francois Hollande, the latest candidate on the left to challenge the government’s pro-business line. Ousted two years ago over his increasingly vocal criticism of Hollande, Montebourg is joining an already crowded field jostling to replace the unpopular […]